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Landice L7 LTD Pro Sports Trainer Treadmill
Landice L7 LTD Pro Sports Trainer Treadmill

L7 LTD Pro Sports Trainer Treadmill Highlights:

  • 3 hp continuous duty motor
  • .5 to 11 mph speed range
  • 15% grade elevation
  • VFX shock absorption system
  • 1" thick reversible deck
  • 20" x 58" four-ply tread belt
  • 2 1/2" diameter, 14 lb steel rollers
  • Rust free aluminum frame
  • Electrical Requirements: 110 Volts
  • 400lb user weight capacity
  • Reading rack
  • Dimensions: 32" x 73"
  • Weight: 300 lbs

The Strongest Treadmill Frame
The Landice aluminum frame,with up to a 500-pound capacity is the strongest in the industry.Did you know that aluminum is three times stronger than steel per unit weight.

The Most Powerful Drive Motor
Landice use a 3 horsepower continuous-duty drive motor. Made in the USA, this motor can continuously deliver 3 HP without overheating.

Wearing the safety lanyard with magnetic key switch provides added security should need to stop quickly.

Shock Absorption System
Landice treadmills feature the " Softer than Grass" VFX shock absorption system.

The Most Efficient Flywheel
The Landice high-inertia cast flywheel not only provides for a smooth feel, it also protects the motor and electronics from damaging foot-plant spikes that reduce life.

The Most Durable Rollers
Landice large diameter rollers require less tension than smaller rollers since they have more surface area to grab the belt

Features Comparison

All L7 LTDs are the identical motor, deck, frame, materials, etc. There is NO difference except the console/display.
There are 3 consoles:

  • Executive Trainer - console
  • Cardio Trainer - console
  • Pro Sports Trainer - console
Only the Executive and Cardio offer Polar compatibiltiy for wireless heart rate display and heart rate control. The Pro Sports Trainer has no heart rate display or heart rate control.

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